In 2014, I sold my car and most of my belongings and moved to Thailand. Not only did I intend to move on to a different southeast Asian location, but I also had planned on spending only one year there. Four years later, I was still living and working in Bangkok. I briefly worked as a teacher, but quickly returned to the freelance life, taking photographs and writing for several Asian and American publications and organizations. However, I still wanted a place to not only inform my mother I was still alive, but also where I could fully embrace my unique traveling persona by shooting and writing what I wanted. In a world of heavily filtered Instagram photos of young travelers all kind of doing the same thing, I wanted to document the authentic and often messy side of my life abroad. I started my travel site Depaysement not only as a way to kickstart my own memory, but a place for others to see that there's so much more out there - and even though we might feel that tinge of homesickness now and then, ultimately venturing out on our own is the best way to experience humanity.