wild hair, wild heart



Me, in regards to my work:

My goal with my imagery is to bring you into the story. I want the viewer to feel something when they see my work. My style falls somewhere in between editorial and organic; I love clean lines and minimalism but also texture and natural aesthetics. I'm inspired by the natural world, light and shadow, human interaction, facial features, nostalgia, cultural traditions, bustling cities, desert tones.

Me, in regards to my world:

I would best be described as an outgoing introvert - I love connecting with new people and I crave collaboration, but I am also very comfortable alone and look forward to quiet weekends exploring on my own. My endless love of travel stems from both a desire to experience beauty and adventure, but also connect with new cultures and continue to develop my worldview. I am happiest when I am out in the wild or around animals…or behind the camera of course.


I am lucky to have the chance to live the adventurous life I crave - to be Elsewhere. From the highest peak in Indonesia to the lowest salt plain in California, a gritty street stall in Bangkok to a boulangerie in Paris, my camera has provided me with not only a creative outlet but a wild, adventurous career. My goal is to continue to document the nouns I love for brands and publications and humans I admire - both here and abroad.



Osmia Organics / Travel & Leisure / HipcampThe Hunt City Guides / KLM / Rawpixel / Yellow Door Digital / Scholars of Sustenance / Bangkok 101 / PassportHeavy / Models in Asia / Tiny Atlas Quarterly / Follain / Ceylon / Wanderlust Magazine

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